First Give winners 2023: Class 9T supporting DKMS!

Our Year 9 students recently completed the First Give social action project. Students worked in groups to find out about social issues that matter to them and discuss their importance. We had some great discussions about a range of issues before the classes decided to focus on homelessness and blood cancer. Students then conducted research to find out about charities they could work alongside to raise awareness and funding to support their work. Both classes did a fantastic job and lots of effective social action was completed. Between them, our Year 9s raised awareness both in and out of school by holding assemblies, organising quizzes and leafleting, while also raising money through raffles and tombolas.

The First Give final took place on the 12th January at St Mark’s, where a small group from each class presented to an audience of parents and students, along with the judging panel. The finalists, supporting The Genesis Trust, Bath, and DKMS, all did an excellent job of presenting what they had found out about their charities, and reporting on their work to support them. 9T were the winners on the night, but both groups deserve a huge amount of credit for the hard work, energy and commitment they showed to supporting their causes. A special commendation was also given to Harry S for his outstanding contribution to the event.

We look forward to running the project again next year with our current Year 8s. I look forward to seeing them becoming advocates for social action as our current Year 9s have done!