Curriculum Intent

The curriculum at St Mark’s, within the mainstream school and within our MLD Resource Base, is designed to fulfil the school’s vision to inspire students to achieve their goals and be a force for good both in school and the world beyond. Our students are encouraged by the words in Matthew 5:16, which tells them to ‘Let your light shine’, reminding them to have aspiration, resilience and to value the importance of community in their work.
Academic and vocational qualifications are the cornerstone of educational success at St Mark’s. We also feel that being ready for the world of work and having the skills and personal qualities to become healthy, resilient individuals, ready to lead fulfilling lives as valued members of society are also equally important. As our school community lacks the ethnic and cultural diversity that is representative of life in Great Britain, our curriculum also focuses on opportunities to promote
issues of equality and a thorough understanding of British Values.

Our curriculum offer is:
● aspirational so that students achieve well and develop belief in themselves
● creative, to allow all of our students to thrive while developing their true identities
● meaningful and contemporary so that students are gaining the knowledge and skills that they need to exist in the ever changing world beyond school
● rigorous, challenging and motivating so that our students find joy in, and learn to value, the commitment needed to learn and live well
● personalised, supportive and collaborative, allowing our students to develop their resilience, interdependence and the skills needed to have a positive contribution in the school and wider community
● supportive of local, national and international dimensions which develops a cultural capital that prepares our students for any challenge that they face when they move through the different phases of their lives

Being a faith school, students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is integral to
the education we provide. Therefore, our curriculum, collective worship and House events all
have a strong focus on students’ personal development and well-being.

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Subject Intent

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Curriculum Pathways Options

Key Stage 5

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