About Us

Students at St Mark’s thrive and reach their full academic and personal potential through the combination of a personalised, dynamic curriculum, quality teaching, enriching opportunities and high expectations.

We are extremely proud of our balanced and varied curriculum. We recognise that all students have different strengths and talents and our staff are dedicated to identifying these to create a personalised learning programme for every child.

Being a small school with small class sizes comes with many benefits. It creates a strong family atmosphere that is valued highly by our students, parents and staff.

Academically, small class sizes mean all students have the opportunity for unrivalled mentoring and individual support to enhance personal development. Led by enthusiastic teaching staff, students receive exceptional tuition and guidance throughout their time here; teachers readily adapt to the needs and curiosity of learners so that learning is relevant and impactful and are also able to develop students’ skills further than within a bigger school.

We believe it is never too early to begin considering career paths and further education options so tailored advice is offered through our careers programme.

We are part of the Midsomer Norton schools Partnership – learn more about them here.