School Chaplain

The Sanctuary is supported by our full-time chaplain, Jerry Parr. Jerry is funded by the Bath Deanery and offers a warm welcome, guidance and support to students and their parents and carers in an informal and discrete manner.

Jerry guides and steers the Spiritual Life of all of the students at St Mark’s. His responsibilities include overseeing the collective worships, held regularly at the school and weekly school assemblies. As the school’s link with local churches, youth groups and charities, Jerry encourages students to interact and get involved with external events and activities, helping students to develop social and community responsibility.

Jerry also works alongside our Parental Support Advisor to provide additional services to our parent/carer community. Regular sessions are held to help parents explore their role and responsibilities and support and reassure them through their own personal journey as parents.

Our school chaplain plays a vital part in ensuring that our students make positive contributions to their lives, their school and their community. His experience as a youth pastor, student mentor and parent provide him with excellent credentials to support St Mark’s School and its community.