Student Life

While we pride ourselves on our academic performance in many subjects, St Mark’s also enjoys an established reputation for its provision of enriching learning experiences and opportunities outside of the classroom.

We believe that to truly appreciate the world around us and our impact on our society, an education should be varied, diverse and sometimes spontaneous, adapting to a changing society and visualising the effects of the curriculum in real life.

The staff at St Mark’s recognise that all students have dreams and aspirations, that every student is unique and that every student has talents waiting to be discovered, explored and nurtured.
Student life at St Mark’s School is about being encouraged to try new things, explore their creativity and extend their knowledge and capabilities. Above all, students are able to do all of this in a fun and supportive environment.

We offer a wide range of lunch time and after school activities designed to promote student well-being and increase participation in the life of the community. At St Mark’s Church of England School, a rounded Student Life creates plentiful opportunities for all students to enrich their experience of school life and provide an outstanding education for young men and women in the widest sense.