Tours of the School- In Year Admissions

If you would like to come to St Mark’s to have a tour of the school and to meet the staff and students, then we welcome prospective students and their parents (Years 6 and above) to sign up for tours on the following dates:

Term 1
Tuesday 10th September at 9am or 2pm
Friday 27th September (Open Morning) 9am
Thursday 24th October 2024 at 9am or 2pm

Term 2 Monday 11th November 2024 at 9am

Term 3 Tuesday 14th January 2025 at 9am

Term 4 Thursday 3rd April 2025 9am

Term 5 Tuesday 5th May 2025 at 9am

Term 6 Monday 9th June 2025 at 9am

Please complete this google form to confirm the day you would like to attend.