Vision, Mission and Values



Our vision is to promote self-worth that inspires our students to live well, achieve their goals and be a force for good in their school and in the world.


St Mark’s School is a school based on the values of:

           Aspiration              Resilience             Community


Aspiration – encourages us all to search for what is possible in life; we help our students to identify the best of themselves and others, to nurture and achieve it.

At St Mark’s we:

Set ourselves high expectations


Encourage each other to achieve and celebrate


Try our very best in what we do



Resilience – enables us to persevere to overcome setbacks and challenges; it gives us the courage to embrace help and support for continuous improvement.

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At St Mark’s we:

Remember that we are valued


Accept that we all make mistakes


Have the strength to accept help when we need it



We believe that our community should be a force for good; we demonstrate compassion and equality for all.

At St Mark’s we:

Respect everyone equally


Are truthful, caring and aware of our impact on others


Are open, honest and listen


Theological Underpinning

We take inspiration from Matthew 5:16 in its commission to “Let your light shine”. For a deeper look into the theology underpinning our vision, please click here.

Our Statement of Vision and Values

Our values are demonstrated in all areas of school life as detailed here.

The Church of England Vision for Education (can be found in full here)

Our vision is informed by the Church of England’s Vision for Education in its very clear objective:

“We aim to deliver excellence in education and want the very best outcomes for children and young people so that they can achieve their fullest potential.”


Click here to view the Consultation presentation shared with staff, parents and students to agree our new Vision statement and Values.