Our Vision and Values

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Our School Vision

St Mark’s School promotes self-worth in students to inspire them to live well, achieve their goals and be a force for good both in school and the world beyond. Matthew 5:16 tells us to ‘Let your light shine’ which reminds us to have aspiration, resilience and to value the importance of community. We work hard to be the best version of ourselves.

Our School Values

St Mark’s School is a faith school based on the values of:

  • Aspiration
  • Resilience
  • Community



We believe that aspiration encourages all to search for what is possible in life. We demonstrate this through:

Achievement – We set ourselves high expectations

Recognition – We celebrate our own and others’ achievements

Hope – We work together to create a brighter future



We believe that resilience enables us to overcome setbacks and challenges. We demonstrate this through:

Leadership – We strive to be masters of our own destiny

Courage – We can face our fears and overcome them 

Perseverance – We have the strength to work hard despite challenges we face



We believe that our community should be a force for good in school and in the wider world. We  demonstrate our belief through:

Equality – We respect everyone equally 

Kindness – We show compassion and love to ourselves and others

Trust – We are open and honest and listen to each other


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