Extra Curricular Activities

“Everyone thinks that because it’s a small school, we don’t do many sports and fun stuff, but actually we do lots more than my friends who are at other schools.”

Zac, Year 7

St Mark’s offer a wide range of lunch time and after school activities designed to promote student well-being and increase participation in the life of the community. At St Mark’s Church of England School, a rounded Student Life creates plentiful opportunities for all students to enrich their experience of school life and provide an outstanding education for young men and women in the widest sense.

We believe that students who take part in a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities develop excellent social skills, confidence and respect. It helps them to achieve a good study and work-life balance: vital tools when going on to further education or employment.

Clubs and activities are always under review and are enhanced by the many skills and experience of our staff. Opportunities have recently included:

• Athletics Club
• Art Club
• Badminton Club
• Basketball Club
• Cooking Club
• Cricket Club
• Debating Club
• Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award
• Film Club
• Football Club
• Gardening Club
• GCSE Business Support
• GCSE IT Support
• GCSE Science Support
• Netball Club
• Rock School
• Rugby Club
• Trampolining Club
• Upcycling