St Mark’s Pet Club expands!

St Mark’s pet club has recently gained some new additions!

As pet club regulars will know, our pet collection includes Boudicca the corn snake, Bruce the bearded dragon, and some unnamed but very attractive zebra fish. We also recently acquired a giant African land snail, who has an impressively large shell!

However, Zoe and Morgan in year 10 decided we needed something cuddlier, and put together an impressive presentation to persuade me to buy a hamster; they even organised a “name the hamster” competition to raise funds for this.

With such dedication, I really couldn’t refuse, so we are now the proud owners of Hannibal Nathan Hamwise the Hamster (if the royal baby can have three names, why not our hamster?!) Also, we have had a sadly empty cage since Peppa the guinea pig died; however, she has now been replaced with three adorable young guinea pigs, called Ginger, Tufty and Nutmeg.

They are extremely cute, and busily eating us out of house and home!

Pet club runs in Sc2 every Tuesday lunchtime, when all are welcome to meet and handle the animals and help with their care.

A Carrington, Science Teacher