Bath Festival at Kingswood School

Bath Festival at Kingswood School
May 21st 2018

Kingswood School in Lansdown have been supporting Bath Festival for many years and this year, for the first time, were offered an opportunity to host an event at the school.

On a beautiful sunny morning in Bath, a group of Year 10 and 11 students from St Mark’s accompanied Mr Kops to the Chapel at Kingswood for a music event presented by Gemma (Lead in West Side Story at The Forum) and Iain : two of the festivals key performers.

They learned about the role of an accompanist and about what is like to build a career in performing arts.

Some feedback from our students follows:

“It was an intriguing showed the capabilities of perseverance. The participants discussed the day-to-day life of the profession…I found it stimulating and emotional – a great day out.” Kes

“It was interesting to hear just a singer and a piano playing together and learning what goes into being a musician. I enjoyed listening to it and seeing how much emotion can be shown through music and big a story it tells. “ Zac

Our trip to Kingswood was both interesting and enjoyable. It began with 3 German songs, then some songs from their production of West Side Story..overall I really enjoyed the experience.” Sam

“I think it was amazing how someone can sing as good as that and change their pitch so drastically”…Kyle

“I thought the performance was very well done and the vocal control was outstanding. I found it to be informative and it helped me understand what a life in the industry would be like. … “ Ben

Many thanks to Andy Barton, Director of Music at Kingswood for the invite.