Class of 2022 Celebrating GCSE Accomplishments at St Mark’s School

Judging by how hard they worked during their time at the school we had exceptionally high expectations of our GCSE Class of 2022; today they celebrated the grades they had worked so hard to achieve. In total, a staggering quarter of all grades were the highest grades, 7-9, across subjects.

We are immensely proud and humbled by our Year 11 students’ achievements. They leave an amazing legacy and blueprint for success, for younger year groups in the school. I would like to thank all of our staff for their hard work with the students throughout their time at the school; they have been incredible in inspiring and supporting them to achieve their absolute best.

Great credit should go to our Year 11 parents too, who have provided unstinting support to them, and the school throughout. Given the students’ mindsets, we know that they will go on and achieve great things in the future.

Our Class of 2022 deserve great credit for their outstanding achievements.

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