News Rosa L

A few months ago the school eco team joined a virtual climate summit which has taught us a lot about the climate situation and how we can improve the school.

We also discovered that the impact of the covid-19 lockdown has positively affected the world’s climate and environment, for example bird migrations have changed due to the less noise pollution. This caused them to be able to sing more and communicate with fellow birds. Light pollution was lowered meaning we could see the stars up in the sky at night. People used their vehicles less often, therefore the CO2 emissions drastically lowered.

During the youth climate summit, we discovered some ways that our school can become more eco-friendly. One of those things that would really help our school is to declare a climate emergency. This will involve us making a pledge and the main things in the pledge to change are:

  • CURRICULUM: Integrating climate change topics into the curriculum throughout all departments.
  • CAMPUS: Striving to make our school campus and activities as ecologically friendly as possible.
  • ADVOCACY: Helping our students put pressure on organisations and the government to address the climate/ecological crisis.

Some small changes you can do to your life that can create a bigger impact for the world are:

– Keeping track of your shower length and making sure you don’t take too long

– Switching off lights in rooms that you aren’t in

– Don’t charge your phone overnight, not only is it bad for the environment, it’s bad for your phone!

– Create more ecosystems and more habitats in your garden