Head Boy and Head Girl 2020

Congratulations to our newly appointed Head Boy, Harry K (year 11) and Head Girl, Sophia N(year 11) and their appointed deputy Grace B.

The students underwent a significant recruitment process including writing their aspirations for the role and and an interview with Mrs Rowlinson-Baker (Deputy Headteacher – Inclusion) and Mr Leonard (Progress Leader Years 10-11).

Harry spoke passionately in his application letter about his own experiences at St Mark’s in the last 5 years and about how he hopes to encourage other students to aspire to be their best.

“I have represented the school community frequently and  I will be an advocate for all students and will always make sure their voices are heard and listened to, so they can gain the best opportunities despite what challenges may stand in their way.

I believe that by having me as Head Boy, I will promote self-worth in all students. I also believe that if I become Head Boy then it will empower all other S.E.N students, who will hopefully later have the same opportunities as I do now.  ”

Sophia is also determined that Head Girl, for her, means being a voice for many other students and helping this community come closer together.

Sophia was thrilled to be given this role saying “It shows that anything is possible when you put your mind to it and you have strong resilience to do it! I never thought In a million years I would get this fantastic role but I worked hard enough and achieved my goal!”

We look forward to seeing the good work these two will do along with the support of their enthusiastic Deputy, Grace B.