Feedback from School Visitors

After a busy fortnight of Induction and Welcome Events for our Year 7 students joining in September, we have received some fantastic feedback from schools and parents, here are some examples:

..we have received compliments from people whose children had such a good day in school … All staff and students were highly praised for the day, with special shout out to Mr Kops, whose music lessons were very much enjoyed and to Mr Ash who received praise for his vision for the school and his determination to take the school to that pinnacle. Generally, the children had a brilliant day, great fun, with friendships ignited and positive thoughts towards starting in September..

…It was lovely to come and see your school, which although was not in my initial choices, …I left feeling very reassured about my son’s academic choices..

…my neighbour has been with the year 6’s all day for their induction. She said it was a fantastic day, brilliantly organised and fun and the St Marks students were incredibly polite..

…the mum of a new Year 7 girl is thrilled her daughter is coming to St Marks. She is really happy with what she has seen of the school and Mum said when she looked around, the teachers were really keen and enthusiastic…