St Mark’s Year 2 Multi-skills Festival

Over 160 infants from Batheaston, Bathampton, St Saviour’s Infants and Swainswick Primary took part in a multi-sports festival hosted by St Mark’s School.

The children took part in ten activities including rugby, golf, hockey, football, cricket, hurdling, javelin throwing and an obstacle course. Each event was run by St Mark’s sporting ambassadors who explained the games, kept score, encouraged and offered skills advice.

A total of 4,086 points were scored which shows that the athletes have sound physical literacy. Each event had two teams taking part, and through the day every team had numerous victories over their opponents. Although some children were unaware of the rivalry some children were thrilled to have ‘won’ events. All the children received St Mark’s Sports Award certificates.

The overall winners for each school were:
Batheaton B (247), Bathampton X (291), St Saviour’s Infants H (296pts) and Swainswick M (252).

Brendan Rouse the East Bath School Sports Coordinator praised the leaders and the children.

Rouse especially thanked Headteachers who have secured funding for this programme to continue next year. Reception and Year 1 children will be taking part in similar multi-skills events later this term, whilst Year 3 and 4 pupils will take part in the annual Tagtail festivals.

Mr B Rouse
School Sports Co-ordianator