Year 7 Inspire Workshop for Creative Writing

Students welcomed author, Mimi Thebo, for a creative writing workshop on Monday 27th March. Mimi is a writer of many books for young people as well as being Senior Lecturer at Bath Spa University. She gave an Assembly to the whole school, followed by a creative writing workshop for our Year 7 students.

What a great speaker! Mimi was immediately engaging and enthralled both students and staff both with her own obvious enthusiasm for reading and by talking us through the research from neuroscience that proves without a doubt why reading is so beneficial in so many ways.

This was followed by a wonderful workshop in the Drama Studio, complete with real-life sized grizzly bears and a reconstructed forest! Students were guided to write about an animal of their choosing ‘that would solve your problems.’ We had polar bears living in caves that smelled of cookies, foxes with brilliant ginger bodies and snarling wolves deciding whether or not to eat us…

Mimi went down really well with the students and we’re very grateful to Bath Spa University and Paper Nations, a programme which aims to highlight the benefits of writers working with young people in our local schools.

Thank you for coming, Mimi, and we hope to have you visit us again.