A St Mark’s Student for the President of St Brendan’s Student Union

We were delighted to hear that former student, Moyra Akure, has been appointed as President of the Students’ Union at St Brendan’s Sixth Form College. Moyra showed great aptitude for politics during her time at St Mark’s and was a leading member of the St Mark’s Young Parliament Team in 2015.

“As the President, I head and work with an executive team of six other members to take charge of the Students’ Union and all that we do. This includes running societies, the TV station, social events for students, charity campaigns to raise money and any other programmes the students want.”

“Another of my major roles is giving the Principal and senior management student feedback and opinions on all matters. As the President I’m also a student governor so I attend governor and curriculum meetings to give students input into whatever changes are being made.”

We wish Moyra every success in her role and future ambitions.