Bath Children’s Literature Author Visit

As part of the Bath Children’s Literature Festival, St Mark’s School saw an author visit with a difference: Tamsyn Murray introduced Year 7 & 8 students to her latest novel, “Instructions for a Second-hand Heart,” by getting half her audience on their feet doing a physical mock-up of an artificial heart!

The patient’s survival depended on students’ ability to pass the red or blue blood cells in the right direction and in the right order – it was touch and go whether or not he would survive! He did though – just – and Tamsyn then entertained the students by telling them about the origin of her book, in which Jonny has a faulty heart and has his time running out, and Niamh who has just lost her twin brother in a tragic accident.

We were thrilled to have Tamsyn visit and lots of the students lingered afterwards to get her autograph or to purchase a book. Tamsyn’s visit came to us courtesy of the Bath Children’s Literature Festival, which we are delighted to be supporting again this year.

Miss Martin

Teaching Assistant & Librarian