Bath Education Trust

I am delighted to inform you that the Governing Body of St Mark’s has made the decision for the school to join the BET. The BET is an ‘umbrella’ trust and is a forum for partnership and collaboration, within the city of Bath. It is not a ‘Multi Academy’ trust and therefore does not impact in any way on the status of St Mark’s in its current form.

Five of the six Bath secondary schools are now in the Bath Education Trust and are joined by other secondary schools just outside of Bath. St Mark’s joining the BET is a very exciting part of the school’s future development and a great opportunity for our staff to share expertise and skills with other colleagues from across the trust.

Further details on the trust can be found via the hyper-link to the BET website and the aims, as set out below:

Bath Education Trust (BET) is a partnership and collaboration of key education providers and businesses in Bath and North East Somerset. Our aim is to improve the educational experience of children and young people in our schools and colleges and prepare them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life. We aim to ensure that all students develop the knowledge and skills for successful progression in education and employment.

Mr Ash, Headteacher