Duke of Edinburgh

Duke of Edinburgh Class of 2015
Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd July 2015

This year saw Duke of Edinburgh numbers almost double with a bumper crop of students embarking on the Award. Having spent much of the autumn and spring carefully learning the requirements for the Bronze Award, preparing for expeditions and embarking on new skills, volunteering and sporting activities, June saw the expedition season begin!

The student’s practise run was a steep learning experience with a hugely positive outcome: all students continued on from this and prepared for their assessed expedition in July. Recognising the need to plan, prepare and perform on the day all groups arrived ready for action – to impress our assessor!

Blighted by terrible weather, all groups trudged through day one at a slow pace and for some, gruelling life lessons were learned. Late into camp after 10 hours walking with a full and heavy backpack on proved exhausting and the atmosphere in camp was muted. Mercifully day two began with glorious sunshine at 5.30am! All groups emerged from their tents with steely determination and WOW did they impress!

ALL groups raised their game; making great navigational decisions, working fantastically as a team, and individually playing an important part in each group. Undeniably, all students deserved the final assessor verdict of passing all groups.

The assessor has now written reports on each of the 21 students. Here are just a few of the particularly lovely comments she made:

• “Co-operation, mutual support and encouragement, and the will to succeed united the team. . .”
• “. . .positive attitudes and resilience. . .”
• “. . .confident and assertive; with enthusiasm and positive attitudes. . .”
• “The weather made the two days more gruelling but they remained cheerful and encouraged one another and this created solidarity. At camp they were well organised and everyone in the group had an excellent understanding of their role and responsibilities as individuals and as members of the team.”

I was immensely proud of each and every one of them and have thoroughly enjoyed taking them through their award this year. For those of you who took part – do not forget the importance to now complete the award through updating your evidence on the DofE website and completing your other three sections.

Many thanks to all the staff who took part in the award this year including Miss Bryant, Mrs Crockett, Mrs Angel and Mr Daniels – your support was wonderful!

Well done to all.

Mrs A Griffin Teacher of PE (Girls) and DofE Co-ordinator