Shine Programme 2015

Recently we delivered an assembly to all students about a new programme we are running at St Mark’s School this year, called SHINE.

SHINE stands for Self-help, Independence, Nutrition and Exercise and is a free 12 week programme for young people aimed at improving self-esteem and confidence as well as making some changes to their lifestyle through healthy eating sessions.

Young people will also take part in weekly physical activity sessions such as Boxercise, Street Surfing, Tae Kwon Do, Urban Polo and Fencing – so there’s something for everyone!

Details of the SHINE programme in January include:
Venue: St Mark’s School, Gymnasium
On: Every Wednesday from 3.30pm – 5.00pm
Starting: Wednesday 7th January 2015

Before taking part in the programme, each Parent/Carer will need to complete a programme consent form and a medical form which will be sent home. Each student will then need to return the completed forms to Mrs Griffin. During the first and last session, each student will complete lifestyle measures and we use this information to see if SHINE has had an impact on your children’s health and well-being.

Letters were sent home before Christmas to students who we feel will benefit from this programme. However, if your son or daughter is interested in taking part in SHINE, or you want to find out more information before sign-ing up, please call Claire Riggs at the Healthy Lifestyle Service on 01225 831852 or text 07715043992. Alternatively, please contact Mrs Griffin at St Mark’s School

Mrs Griffin