Lantern Procession

The theme of the lantern procession at the Holbourne Museum this year was the High Seas and we were fortunate enough to have three specialist willow artists from the Holburne to help the students produce their work.

Over the period of two 2 hour sessions students moulded the willow into the basic form of the galleon, submarine and modern day ship.

After this the fairy lights were wound around the inside and then the entire structured was covered in thick cling film to help refract the light. Finally the entire shape was covered in pieces of tissues creating the beautiful lantern effect.

The procession took place in the evening of the 20th November, from the Holburne Museum all the way to parade gardens, accompanied by a samba band and a variety of other lanterns in all shapes and sizes… including a life size shark!

Crowds lined the streets to watch the lit up lanterns go by and enjoy the spectacle of illuminated jugglers and hula dancers, along with many local primary school children carrying their own small-scale fish and other sea based creations.

Thank you to the Holbourne Museum and Evoke Pictures for allowing us usage of their pictures.