Geographers study North Somerset coast

On Thursday 16th October Year 11 Geographers embarked upon their data collection field trip to Minehead. The purpose of the day was to collect primary data in order to accept or reject their hypothesis which is: ‘Have the coastal defences at Minehead been successful in protecting the town from coastal flooding and in creating an attractive beach environment?’

Given the weather, we were blessed with a dry, and dare I even say, even warm and sunny day for mid October! The highlight of the day had to be the numerous attempts by students (and staff!) to throw an orange onto the breaking waves to measure the speed of longshore drift. We also met a lady from Lark​hall who had moved to Minehead, she came over to talk to us, as she was delighted to see the St Mark’s minibus!

The students’ behaviour was exemplary and they were able to collect some good data. This will stand them is good stead as their Controlled Assessment is worth 25% of their overall GCSE grade.

No trip to the North Somerset seaside would be complete without fish and chips on the seafront for lunch. We all enjoyed these very much, especially after a long morning of travelling and data collection.

I would like to thank Mr Daniels for driving the minibus and both Mr Daniels and Mr Rowe for their support in the smooth running of the day.

Mrs Helyar

Subject Leader for Geography