Year 2 Football Festival

St Mark’s School hosts Year 2 Football Festival

Over 20 Year 2 pupils from Bathford, Bathampton, St Saviour’s Infants, and Swainswick met in an Infant Football Festival at St Mark’s. The large Astroturf meant that players could be split into four teams with games referred by St Mark’s Sporting Ambassadors Reme, Max and Zac.

“Boys and girls from all the schools chased the balls with incredible energy, and there were some very dramatic celebrations when goals were scored,” said School Sports Co-ordinator, Brendan Rouse.

“For many this was their first ever competitive football game and they may feel more comfortable to make the transition to a community team.”

“Both parents and players asked if this event could happen again. One parent added that the World Cup made such an impact that his child was now really keen on everything linked to football. Playing against other schools had the same tournament feel.”

St Mark’s School plan to hold a number of Primary Sports Festivals this year for pupils from Reception through to Year 6. Many of these will be organised with the support of St Mark’s students as Sports Leaders. Nearly 1,000 pupils will get the chance to compete in festivals that include rugby, football, multiskills, cross country, athletics, tennis, cricket and tagtails.