Tagtails Festival Fun

In the week that Sir Michael Wilshaw, Head of Ofsted, claimed that state-educated pupils are being failed by the lack of competitive sport, St Mark’s School Sports Cluster have had over 160 Year 3&4 pupils taking part in their tagtails festival.

The Tagtails festival was first held in 2003 and over the last 10 years over 1,000 pupils have taken part from Batheaston Primary, Bathford Primary, St Saviour’s Juniors, Swainswick Primary and Bathampton Primary.

Tagtails is a non-contact version of tick where teams capture tails (Velcro tags) off their opponents while trying to keep their own. Teams have spare lives so no one is out immediately. Once all the spare lives have been used players are then out. This gives the game an inclusive start but towards the end of each match the most gifted and talented athletes get to show their speed, agility and tactical skills.

1,036 tags were captured on the day with almost every player feeling the thrill of scoring a point for their team. The Year 3 Bathford Aces captured the most tags with an impressive 108 out of a possible 120. In Year 4 both Bathford teams scored 90 out of 90. Swainswick Taggers and Batheaston Eagles each secured a second place spot.

Yr 4 Points

1st Bathford Braves 90

2nd Swainswick Taggers 59

3rd Batheaston Capturers 50

4th Bathampton Dodgers 34

1st Bathford Fliers 90

2nd Batheaston Eagles 59

3rd Batheaston Greats 50

4th Bathampton Hoppers 34

13th June 2014

Yr 3 Points

Bathford Aces 108

Bathford Diamonds 104

Batheaston Fab fun foxes 101

Batheaston Brainy bunnies 92

Bathampton Chargers 73

Bathampton Evaders 43

Brendan Rouse the St Mark’s School Sports Coordinator thanked headteachers, teachers and parents for choosing to support this festival.

“When I audited competitive sport in our cluster back in 2003, we had about 40 children competing, mainly Year 5&6 pupils in football and netball. This year we have offered competitive opportunities for every year group with over 750 pupils from Year 1 through to Year 6 taking part.”

Quotes of the day:

Otis: We all got better and developed tactics.

Isabel: We had lots of fun even though we didn’t win every game.

Alex: We showed our sports abilities and met other schools.

Cosmo: Everyone plays, it doesn’t matter about who is the fastest, it’s about teamwork”

Mr Bream from victorious Bathford Primary: Practise, practise, practise.

Rouse was especially pleased that the ‘All children being Active’ theme was continued after the matches, with Bathford and Batheaston walking back to their schools.