Year 2 Sports Festival

Over 170 students took part in a multi-skills activity festival at St Mark’s on Monday 12th May. Year 2 Pupils from Batheaston, Bathford, Bathampton and St Saviour’s Infants competed in 10 different events including: Running, jumping, throwing, hockey, hurdles, Javelin, rugby, cricket, balancing over and under obstacles, Golf putting, stilt walking, football penalties and dodging rain showers.

The festival was run by Year 8 & 10 students from St Mark’s who demonstrated the events, encouraged and supported the teams and recorded all the points scored.

School Sports Coordinators Mr Brendan Rouse and Mr Stephen Leonard reported: The facilities and young leaders that St Mark’s have on offer are fantastic. The young pupils experienced a wide range of activities allowing teachers to step back and observe their attainment and pick up ideas for future PE lessons. The pupils competed for points against different groups and this allowed for the more competitive pupils to feel they were in a competition, whilst others were happy to be taking part in a fun festival atmosphere and collect lots of points for their team.

Pupils competed in 19 teams accumulating as many points as possible. Due to the rain spoiling many of the score sheets there was no winning team, however, the huge number of points that were scored showed high levels of coordination, fitness and general fundamental sporting skills which they can employ in the games they play in the juniors next year. At the final presentations at the end of the day every hand went up for “who scored lots of points?” and hands stayed up for “Who was gifted and talented(brilliant) at some activities?” and also “Who will go away and practise skills they found hard today.”

Quote of the day:
“What fantastic ambassadors the St Mark’s students are” (Primary teacher)

The St Mark’s Primary Partnership has organised for around 1,000 pupils to take part in sporting festivals this year.

Years 3 and 4 will be taking part in tagtails tournaments on Fri 13th June and Years 5 and 6 will compete in a Tennis-Cricket competition on the 27th June