St Mark’s Student vs Staff PE Challenge

Today kickstarts our first Student vs Staff PE challenge!

This weeks challenge is to see how many kilometres staff can cover in a week vs how many kilometres students can cover in the week.
Follow this link to see Mr Leonard explain the rules.

How to play:
Get out on a walk / run / bike ride / roller blading / swimming
Use your phone / watch to track how far you travel each time (Fitbit / MapMyRun / Strava)
Take a screenshot of the distance covered and send it to Miss Bartlett or Mr Leonard (preferably with a photo of you doing the activity as well).
The final time you can send distances to us is Friday 19th June at 3pm.

Please keep your eyes on the St Mark’s PE twitter page (@StMarksBATHPE) for running totals each day and updates in the challenge!

House points are up for grabs for both staff and students throughout the week!

Good luck and get active!

From your PE team – Miss Bartlett and Mr Leonard.