Collective Worship Week Beginning 29 June 2020

Please watch the Collective Worship video for this week.

St Mark’s Values

Our Icons

The Criteria:

We are thinking about people who epitomise (represent/live up to) our three school values. We want to find three special individuals who inspire us and help us to think about what we aspire to become as a school. The values are Aspiration/Resilience/Community.

We want to hear your suggestions. Here are the criteria on which we will base our final decision.

  1. They must clearly live out the value they represent – if we have heard of them and what they have done, even better!
  2. They can be from anywhere, but wouldn’t it be amazing if we could get them to come into school one day? That might be easier if they live in the UK. If they are from the South West or nearby, that would be even better!
  3. They must be someone we find inspirational and that we aspire to emulate in our own development (this doesn’t mean they need to be perfect, but they should be someone we can agree is worthy of admiration).

Here are a few suggestions for each value:

Aspiration: The ambition to achieve something
Greta Thunberg: the driving force behind a campaign to save the world from environmental disaster.

Resilience: The ability to recover from challenges
Malala Yousafzai: challenged the Taliban by attending school and went on to pursue higher education in the UK.

CommunityLiving together well, united by a common purpose
Marcus Rashford: campaigned successfully for free school meals so the poorest children could be fed throughout the summer.

YOUR SUGGESTION: (please return to Mr Haviland by email –

– Who is the person?

– Which value do they represent?

– Why should we be inspired by them?