Year 11 revision sessions – earn a free prom ticket!

This year our Year 11 students have been given the opportunity to earn their prom ticket for free if they manage to complete 60 hours of directed revision in school before their GCSE exams. To assist we have organised transport for students at a later time of 4.30pm. The ‘revision bus’ is also available for younger students who would like to benefit from our after school enrichment clubs. If you child would like to make use of this facility, please let me know.

The revision programme for 2017 is shown below. All sessions included in this list count towards the 60 hours, and must be signed off on revision logs. We highly recommend that all Year 11 students attend at least three of these revision sessions each week to optimise their chance of achieving their best possible GCSE grades.

If you have any further questions regarding the revision programme for Year 11, please do not hesitate to contact me.