Literacy Week 2016

St Mark’s School was buzzing with bookish behaviour at the end of last term as students and staff enjoyed five days of literacy-focused activities culminating in a dress-up Friday of sartorial wackiness and extravagance. Staff and students arrived in disguise as the focus of the day was dressing up as a fictional character. Notable outfits included a maths teacher dressed as the Hungry Caterpillar, art teacher from the magical school of Hogwarts and the Headteacher, Barnaby Ash, as Where’s Wally?

Head of English, Dr James Thomas, said, “Students create memorable and enriching learning experiences from wider literacy opportunities that capture their sense of imagination and spirit of adventure. We are delighted that everyone enjoyed the week’s activities so much.”

“Friday’s dress-up day enabled students to explore literature in some new and rather amusing ways!”

Headteacher, Barnaby Ash, congratulated the English Faculty for their innovative spin on Literacy Week, “Learning is about having fun and exploring new ideas and the team have pulled out all of the stops to ensure that this year’s Literacy Week captured the imagination of all.”

“The education of young people should combine excellence in academic achievement with an enriching and fun-filled educational experience and that has certainly been achieved today.”