Peace Tree planted in tribute of WW1 soldiers

On Wednesday 11th November Year 7 students from St Mark’s School were invited by pupils from St Saviour’s Junior School to join them for a tree planting commemoration ceremony in remembrance for those who fought in World War 1. The ceremony encouraged both school communities to think about the experiences of the men, women and children who lived and fought in World War One.

Over 400 gathered for the ceremony which replaced the magnificent but deceased Turkey Oak tree which was originally planted in 1919 in memory of St Saviour’s ex-Headteacher who was sadly killed in conflict along with many other locals.

Pupils at St Saviour’s and members from the local community and local businesses worked together to raise money towards buying a new tree, which the council then planted. Two of St Mark’s students, Kyle Maslen-Smith and Porsha Fitzpatrick, were personally asked to present the unveiling which was a great honour. The remaining wood from the original tree has been used to make new school benches for pupils at St Saviour’s Junior School.

St Mark’s were proud to be involved in this project as we are continually developing opportunities for community cohesion, bringing together students and the local community to make a positive impact on our local environment.