Pastoral Life


“Some of my best friends are in different year groups. It’s normal to just hang around with people you really like, rather than just people who are in your class.”

Max, Year 7

At St Mark’s the personal development and well being of students is paramount and our Christian values are central to our educational purpose. We will continue to ensure that our students are safe and happy in school, that their achievements are celebrated, they take part in the community and are supported fully in their preparations for life after St Mark’s.

Our pastoral care is based on our School Values and draws on the many facets of our school that underpins these Values. It consists of many components that work together to ensure that students are well cared for and achieve their best. Our Pastoral system is a co-ordination of many specialist and highly trained members of staff who all have their students’ happiness and welfare at heart.

Students are assigned to a House and Tutor group, which are overseen by the Head of Key Stages. This team is responsible for the academic progress, personal development and well being of every student in their care, throughout their journey at St Mark’s.

Each student, upon starting at St Mark’s School is assigned to a mixed-age tutor group. This supports our ‘family ethos’ and ensures that all students are mutually supportive and that slightly older students are able to positively mentor their younger peers. This system has been much valued by our students, particularly those joining in Year 7 who enjoy the security and support that such an environment provides.

We also have an experienced Student Support Service, made up of teaching and support staff. The team provides learning and behaviour support and a full programme of activities designed to support those students who experience difficulty in their learning or with their behaviour.

Mental health and wellbeing: information for parents and carers of secondary school aged children and young adults