Primary Partnerships

Primary PartnershipsSt Mark’s School works in collaboration with a number of local primary schools to create opportunities for children to learn about their local secondary school, their local environment (in as rounded a sense as possible, not only its physical geography) and in the process to offer the wider community opportunities to become involved in the children’s learning.

Our commitment to our primary partners provides many exciting opportunities for primary-aged children to take part in a higher level of learning whilst experiencing the many facets of secondary school, helping to prepare them for transition and make moving schools an enjoyable and fun experience.

The Headteachers of our primary partners are united in their commitment to supporting St Mark’s School in collaborative working to create a vibrant local secondary school in the east of Bath.

The collaboration has already witnessed many successful events and activities across the schools and continues to be developed to expand on our relationships and further enhance the opportunities available to all.. Our community is rich with vibrancy and diversity and it has welcomed the uniting of schools for the benefit of its children and its local population.