Children’s Literature Festival

Author, Philip Womack, inspires students at St Mark’s School and St Saviour’s Juniors at this year’s Children’s Literature Festival

St Mark’s was alive with creativity on Thursday 2nd October, when visiting author Philip Womack spoke to Year 7 & 8 students as part of the 2014 Bath Children’s Literature Festival.

Philip talked about the creation of his latest book, “The Broken King,” a fantasy novel inspired by characters from Greek mythology and Robert Browning.

Philip led an interactive session, getting students to create their own hero and place them in danger and giving them a taste of the process of starting to write a story or a novel.

The Hall was filled with enthusiasm as students generated new ideas and connections and shared their thoughts with the author. There followed a lively question and answer session, students being keen to find out more about a writer’s life.

Rhoda Martin, Librarian at St Mark’s School, and one of the organisers of the event, commented, “We were delighted to be able to host Year 6 students from St Saviour’s Junior School as part of the event and it was fantastic to see them joining in with such gusto.”

“Our thanks go to Philip for giving us such an inspiring and enjoyable afternoon.”

Headteacher, Barnaby Ash, added, “Philip was a highly engaging speaker who related extremely well to young people and provoked them to think about how they could use their own experiences to draw on in creating their own fiction novels.”

“Students need to have opportunities to participate in events outside of the classroom environment that help to create memorable and enriching learning experiences for young people and we are delighted that everyone enjoyed Philip’s visit so much.”

“It was wonderful to share in this event with the Year 6 students at St Saviour’s Junior School. It made for a dynamic and creative forum for students across the schools to work together and bounce ideas off of one another.”