St. Mark’s School is a Good School

St Mark’s is celebrating a glowing Ofsted report, under the most demanding Ofsted framework seen at Ofsted.

St Mark’s School: A Good School Under the Most Demanding Ofsted Framework To Date

Comments from the Ofsted team noted the very significant improvement at St Mark’s in recent years. They noted the dramatic increases in the levels of attainment for the pupils and the very high percentage of good teaching. Ofsted inspectors also commented that

“students are … proud of their school and behaviour in and around the site are good,’ and that they feel safe in school, well cared for and part of the ‘school family.”

The executive leadership was noted as

“instrumental in leading whole-school developments, which, with the support of the governing body and other senior leaders, has secured improvements in teaching and students’ achievement.”

Four areas of school performance are now assessed by Ofsted, with a final grade given for the school’s overall effectiveness. The grades achieved by St Mark’s were:

  1. Achievement of pupils : Good
  2. Quality of Teaching : Good
  3. Behaviour and Safety of pupils : Good
  4. Leadership and Management: Good

Executive Headteacher, Raymond Friel is delighted with the report, saying that,

“The bar has certainly been raised in a very marked manner with this Ofsted Framework.”

“As a number of local schools have discovered, the new Ofsted framework is more demanding than the old one and a number of schools which were Outstanding have been ‘downgraded’ to Good. St Mark’s therefore joins a strong group of schools in the Good category.”

“Schools in Bath are faced with very challenging circumstances, with too many school places for the number of children we have. The team at St Mark’s have been working hard to tell the local community how Good a school St Mark’s is and what a very good education our children receive, but now it’s official – we’re GOOD.”

He continued:

“We are equally delighted with the Ofsted Parent View online questionnaire which many of our parents have taken the time to complete. The results were overwhelmingly positive and very encouraging for the staff and governors.”

The ‘vast majority’ of respondents consistently Strongly Agreed/Agreed that children at St Mark’s are safe and happy in school, are taught well, receive appropriate homework and any bullying which does arise is dealt with very effectively.

“It was extremely encouraging to see that 96% of them Strongly Agreed that they would recommend St Mark’s to another parent.”

“We will commit ourselves to moving beyond Good and start the journey towards making St Mark’s an Outstanding school. There aren’t many of them around but we only want the very best for your children.”