St Mark’s School Uniform Policy

St Mark’s School have undergone exciting changes, creating a new vision and developing a new brand identity. With the new brand comes a change to the school uniform which plays an important role in our school’s identity and external appearance.

The Headteacher and Governing Body of St Mark’s School believe that the school uniform promotes the school’s identity, ethos and the high expectations we have of our students. They will be representing the positive changes to our school and thus should wear their uniform correctly and appropriately at all times.

Following an extensive consultation with Governors, parents and carers, students and staff in 2015, the School Uniform Policy has been updated to reflect the changes to the school uniform from September 2016.

The consultation process considered:

  • The timeframe for the introduction of a new policy;
  • The views of parents and carers and students on changes to the policy;
  • The cost, the available supply sources and year round availability of the proposed uniform to ensure it is providing best value for money for parents;
  • The PE uniform is practical, comfortable and appropriate to the activity involved, and that consideration is given to the cost of compulsory PE clothing;
  • The introduction of the proposed uniform policy and how it might affect each group represented in the school and any existing suppliers;
  • Human Rights, Equality and Discrimination.

“School uniform supports effective teaching and learning and engenders a positive, calm and respectful teaching and learning environment.” (Department for Education).

Further information on DfE Guidance on School Uniforms can be found at

The full Uniform Policy can be accessed here.

Further Guidance and Information Powerpoint can be accessed here.

Implementation Timeline

All students have until September 2017 to transfer to the full new school uniform, from which we expect all students to be wearing it correctly and appropriately, both in and outside of the school.

We would like to ensure that uniforms are not mixed during the transition phase but do understand that children may grow out of items, such as trousers or skirts, before a blazer. We would encourage parents to plan and budget for this eventuality however, we accept that some flexibility may be required until September 2017 and would encourage parents to discuss any issues surrounding this with us.

School Uniform