Celebrating Students’ GCSE Accomplishments at St Mark’s, Bath

Students at St Mark’s, Bath, were celebrating today having received their GCSE results after years of hard work and study.

In a time of qualification reforms and a new GCSE grading system, the school is committed to academic excellence.

Among the many success stories, notable achievements included:

Ella S who secured 10 GCSEs, with 40% of grades above targets, including a double grade 8 in Science and a grade B in Further Maths.

A student yet to receive their results secured 10 GCSEs, with grades significantly above targets, including two grade 8s in Mathematics and Chemistry and a grade A in Further Maths.

Maria V who achieved grades significantly above targets, including a grade 9 in Spanish.

Tazmin R who achieved 70% of grades above target.

Hayley H who achieved 60% of results above target.

I would also like to mention a few other students who achieved well through continued hard work and dedication to their studies, despite different sets of challenges during their school careers:

  • Kaylun J
  • Vivian C
  • James L
  • Jazmin M
  • Benjamin W
  • Sean P
  • Flinn K

Students demonstrated their skills in a broad range of academic subjects, as highlighted below:

  • 90% of students in French achieved their target grade or above;
  • 100% of students achieved a grade 9 in Spanish;
  • 10% of students achieved grades 9-7 in Maths;
  • 12% of students achieved a grade 8 or 9 in at least one subject;

The school’s Headteacher, Barnaby Ash, commented, “I am proud of our students’ achievements today. In a time of curriculum and assessment turbulence, they maintained a strong commitment to their GCSE courses and a strong determination to succeed. Some of our students endured some really challenging circumstances throughout their GCSE courses and the majority of them developed the resilience and tenacity to overcome the difficulties they experienced in order to succeed with their examination courses. Of course, they were well supported by our dedicated team of teaching staff and support staff and were well prepared for mostly new qualifications by our teachers. We wish them the very best of luck for their exciting future plans.”

The school’s Chair of Governors, Mr Roger Coombe commented, “Due to rapidly improving confidence in the school from the local community and as a result of demographic changes in the city of Bath, the student population is projected to increase dramatically over the next five years, with the first evidence of this coming in the school’s September 2018 intake. The governing body and school’s staff are deeply committed to the school’s growth and the opportunities it brings to our unstinting focus on excellence in education.”